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Have you ever had questions about your life that you know you can’t answer? Or maybe you know the answer, but can’t bring yourself to accept it without doubting yourself. I see you. I’ve been there. Luckily,  I came to start reading runes and tarot cards. I have gradually come to turn to them for advice on absolutely anything. Want to know what is causing your mental fog? Ask the cards. Want to know what mindframe you need to take to your interview? The runes will have the answer.

Often in today’s times we get overwhelmed with our everyday stresses, and that can make it hard to tackle our problems. I know that when I am already stressed, added stress sends me into overload. I tend to over analyze and over think when I need to keep charging forward with a calm mind in order to overcome the issue. Maybe you have the same problem? Well let me take a little bit of your slack. Ask for guidance, and you shall receive it.

Product Pics

Basic Tarot Reading – $15

This is for those who have a question that they need answered. The reading is done via a 3 card spread, or appropriate amount of cards based on the difficulty of the question. Keep in mind- it is best to ask questions that DO NOT have a yes/no answer. If this is your choice, please pick your question and mention it when I contact you!


Basic Rune Reading – $15 

This is for those who need guidance in some area of their life. I pull however many stones call out to me when I am pulling them. If this is your choice, please pick an area for guidance and be sure to mention it when I contact you!

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Daily Guidance Pull (Tarot/Rune)  $25

This is a daily pull for 7 days, every morning I will pull a card and message/email/ DM you with the card and your guidance for the day.


Tarot Open When… Letters 

These work similarly to regular open when letters. You pick the events: birthday, when you’re sad, when you have a day to yourself, etc. and we pull the cards that you need for those specific occasions! The letters are then mailed to you and you keep them for when they’re needed!

Optional: You can choose to gift letters to someone else, just be sure to provide us with a name and address at the time of order.

Product Pics (2)

Product Pics (3)

5 Letters and a Basic Reading of your choice (Tarot/Runes) $35

10 Letters- A basic reading $65 

By the letter $6 


If you have any questions about your purchase, please email us at cosmictempesttarot@gmail.com.


If you are ready to make a purchase, please fill out the contact fields below and I will get back to you in 1-2 days.